Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Karen and Marc, July 12th!

Karen and Marc absolutely paid the most attention to details at their wedding so far this year. They really took their color scheme, black and pink, to its limit. (This is actually my third wedding this year with these colors). Water bottles, bridesmaids, bouquets, cake, invitations, programs, menus, guest book, Team shirts, center pieces, place cards, table cloths, chair wraps, welcome boxes and more all, had the pink and black "Karen and Marc" theme to them.
This couple was so sweet and laid back, really making for a wonderful day at the Waterview in Monroe. However, even the most prepared of couples can have something go wrong at their wedding, their best man actually forgot the rings! This is our fist time in all these years of photographing weddings that this actually happened! Luckily, they were just in the bridal suite, so he was able to run over and get them, and then the wedding continued smoothly.
Marc and Karen: We wish you the best of luck with the rest of your marriage, and are so honored to be apart of the beginning of this new chapter for you!

Karen surprised Marc with three grooms cakes, all decorated with his favorite sports teams on top. Marc works for ESPN, and Karen had prepared me that there would be a "local celebrity" at the wedding. Some of you may recognize the tall man in the photo.

The candy table was to die for... candy as far as the eye could see!

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