Monday, June 29, 2009

Kristen and Mike - Married!

The first of our two weddings this past weekend was Kristen and Mike's wedding on Friday. They were supposed to have their ceremony outdoors in Elizabeth Park, but with all of the hail and the tornado, they decided to have it right inside the Pond House, with their reception immediately following, also at the Pond House. Luckily we have awesome clients that don't mind braving the storm, so we were able to get outside for a few quick photos before the reception began. Thankfully the most severe part of the storm had past, and Kristen got her photos with the roses! Enjoy this preview of the wedding:

It was a very special moment when Kristen's Grandmother helped her put on her pearls that she wore in her wedding.

I love the shots that Josh gets of the groom and his mother watching the bride and her father dance, and then they switch.

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E. Broderick Photography said...

Wow! So many great shots, Candace! I really like the image of them outside, from a distance, with the umbrella. The series of them in the roses is also very beautiful. Nice details, too. Looks like a very lovely day. Her dress, her flowers, her grandmother's necklace--awesome!