Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Selena's choice:

Selena was our first bride to respond to our invitation to choose their favorite image, and here is what she had to say:
Candace and Josh-
First I would like to thank Candace Jeffery Photography for giving my husband and me such wonderful pictures to preserve the memories of our special day! We truly love all of our photos as well as Candace and Josh themselves! We hope that our continued use of CJP will prove our love and appreciation of their work!
That day, while Josh was photographing the cocktail hour, Candace was outside with us. There wasn't much background to work with, pretty much only a parking lot, but she totally nailed it anyways. She always seems to make beautiful art of whatever is available to her! She noticed a little field across the street and we were down for it, but we had to hurry, I didn't want my mom to see us possibly getting dirty on our wedding day! The photos of us in this field are so breath taking! Having to choose only one photo as our favorite was nearly impossible! But I think this would be it. I love the effect that was used, it has such a romantic, vintage feel about it, exactly want I wanted in my photos! Great job, thank you so much for capturing our love!
Selena and Edoardo Zimmitti

Thank you Selena and Eddie, we love this photo too!

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