Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Favorite photo - Juliana's choice!

This picture means a lot to Kenny and me because it represents our relationship from the expressions on our faces, our body language and to the way I'm standing behind Kenny. He has always been someone who looks after all my desires and wants to always make me happy. I think this is represented in the way he is standing in front of me. He takes charge and can calm me down when I feel frustrated or sad. He is the person I know I can trust, depend on and support me in all my endeavors. His stoic expression is one that is shown to others but I know the softer, gentle and compassionate side to Kenny; the side reserved for my eyes only. My expression shows the genuine and sincere love that I feel for Kenny. He has been such a positive influence in my life that it shines through in my content and happy smile. This picture expresses the side of us that we keep reserved for ourselves but was willing to share with our closest friends and family on our wedding day.

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thanks candance ;)