Monday, June 21, 2010

We love our clients!

We love our clients so much, and this year we have been blessed with so many amazing couples to work with! Very often in the "Wedding World" the word "friendor" is used (friend + vendor) and I would like to invent a new one: "flient" (friend + client), cute, right?
Kate and George are totally "flients" of ours :) They booked us through an email, without even meeting first. This is something that we very rarely do, because just as much as our couple are basically interviewing us, we are also doing our own screening process as well. There are certain types of clients that we are ecstatic to work with, and others that we refer to other photographers. Anyway.... after hearing all about their wedding, shooting their super fun engagement session in Boston, and a couple dinners together later, it was finally their wedding day in New Jersey. Needless to say, the day was fabulous, and we are very happy with the images we were able to create for them. It was very hard on Kate to not have her Grandmother present at the wedding. So difficult that they ended up changing their honeymoon plans to spend the week with her. But with one condition from us: that we could have their images ready for them within that week to be able to share with Grammy. We happily obliged, after making a few sacrifices on our end, and were able to get almost every image over to them in time to share with Kate's Grandmother.
I was happily surprised to open my mailbox this morning to find:

The card reads:
"Dear Candie and Josh,
There isn't much we can say that could really do justice to how deeply blessed we feel to have you in our lives. You are gifted at what you do; I never imagined that we could be as in love with the images as I'd be with the memories they capture. It is indescribable, the feeling of looking through them- with my Grammy, or just on the couch after work.... heck, during work- and being so completely immersed in the moment that's pictured. And all that wouldn't have been the same if we didn't have such wonderful friends in the two of you!
Candie, your friendship and stress-busting skills on the wedding day had a greater impact on my exhausted, sometimes cranky self than I can say.
So thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for capturing every quirky planned detail and every unexpected moment. We are so grateful.
Love, the new George and Kate Haranis"
Thank you both so much for helping us love what we do! Not everyone gets to have such a rewarding career as we do, and we feel blessed to have people in our lives like the two of you, that help keep us fresh and passionate.

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Kate said...

We love you too!!! Friendors and flients for life! ;)