Friday, February 22, 2008

New Albums!

I am so excited to share with all of you one of my newest albums! I just received it today (thank you UPS man for coming out in the snow). It is a red, silk cover, 10"x13" 15 page/ 30 sides SoHo Book, by Renaissance. We decided to keep the cover very simple because this material is just wonderful to touch and look at. This album is described as "a contemporary coffee table album designed for showcasing full-page prints". There is no seam or gap between pages, so panoramic images look amazing! Also, the page corners come to a square edge, instead of slightly rounded like so of the other albums that we offer. The other great feature is that you can print on the back of the front cover! This is a very modern album and I love it so much! Any of my clients that have already ordered other albums can feel free to stop by anytime to take a look at this new album to see if you would like to upgrade. I have also included photos of some of our other albums that we offer.

The black album shown is a 10"x10" 10 page/ 20 sides Fine Art Album, also by Renaissance. As you can see, there is a small seam in between pages, and the corners are slightly rounded. This has always been one of my most popular albums for clients.
The Acrylic cover album is made by Albums Australia. I love working with this album company just to hear their accents! No just kidding, they make an awesome product. So far, this is the only album company that I have ever found that offers both matted pages, and flush mount pages mixed together in the same album. How cool is that? Not to mention all of the amazing cover materials offered, even wood!
The fourth album shown is an Asuka album. Here it is being shown as a Guest Book showing engagement photos. Almost all of my clients choose this album to have at their wedding instead of the more traditional guest books, or sign-in boards. Your guests can sign right on the pages!

I also have a few new Thank You card styles to choose from. There are three different paper materials available: luster, watercolor, and linen.

If anyone would like a closer look at any of these products, we will be at the Bridal Show at the XL Center on Sunday. (We have some free tickets if anyone needs one) Also, consultations are always available!


Carla Ten Eyck said...

oh I love getting albums in the mail! Very nice stuff Mrs. Jeffrey!

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