Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Kerry's boys

One of my most special friends is here visiting from Austria with her two boys. With this beautiful weather and even more beautiful kids, how could I resist photographing them? We went down to the beach in Old Saybrook and had a really nice time playing around. Kerry has perfect timing, she is helping me with my German just in time for my May 16th wedding where the entire grooms' side of the family is coming from Austria! I used to speak pretty good German, but I forgotten most of it. Danke!


nikki nicole photography said...

how cute are these boys!!!

i love the second photo down the bw it is so precious!!

Anonymous said...

I have the cutest nephews!! These pictures came out beautiful! You did an amazing job. -Sarah

Eric Foley said...

I agree with Nikki, the 2nd one down has 16x24 gallery wrap written all over it!