Monday, April 21, 2008

Tricia is so sweet!

I just received an email from one of my clients that she wanted me to put up on my blog for everyone to see. Well, I guess this would be most beneficial for any perspective clients out there that read my blog. Thanks you Tricia, you are so sweet!

Patricia Moisuk
(860) 874-6626

Re: Candace and Josh Jeffery
Candace Jeffery Photography

Candace and Josh took my fiancé and I down to New York City in January 2008 for engagement pictures. From the beginning, they both made us feel extremely relaxed and comfortable. We met at their house and their studio is absolutely gorgeous and, in my opinion, perfect for appointments. From that point on, we both felt at ease with them. My fiancé was not a fan of having engagement pictures done and was going only for me, to be honest. He especially did not like the idea of having his pictures taken in front of other people because he is shy. However, after Candie began taking our pictures in Central Park, he became very much at ease and comfortable with her, as well as Josh. He no longer noticed the people around him and I know that this was mainly because of the photographers. I had tried numerous times to get him to take pictures with me in public and he would not, but Candie made him feel especially comfortable in the setting that we were in that he actually got into the whole thing and enjoyed having our pictures taken.

Besides that, Candie has a very unique style that is all her own. We were so amazed and impressed with her pictures that we are recommending her to anyone we know that wants to have pictures taken. Candie makes it very apparent that she knows what she is doing and that her creativity is not only all her own but also unobtrusive. At times, my fiancé and I forgot that she was even taking pictures of us because we were so relaxed walking around New York City and doing “our thing”, until we were told it was time to find another place we remembered that we were being photographed. I personally love being photographed, but as mentioned before, my fiancé being shy and not a fan of it at all found this to be one of his favorite things about the whole day – that fact that we could feel so comfortable that we would forget that we were being photographed and thus the pictures came out that much more natural.

The best part though, was finally seeing the final pictures. Candie is efficient and had our pictures on her website for us to view within 24 hours and we absolutely loved them, along with both of our families. We are using them as a guest book for our wedding because of the amazing job that she did on them and the creativity behind her work. Not to sound as a cliché but her work is really one of a kind. I have not found a photographer like her, and I have researched many since I needed a photographer for my wedding.

All in all, I would without hesitation recommend Candace and Josh to anyone who is looking for professional, well qualified, fun and creative photographers. They are the best I have found yet!

Please feel free to contact with me any questions or concerns that you may have about working with Candace and Josh and I will do my best to answer them and put your concerns to ease.


Patricia Moisuk

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