Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ferrari Concorso '08

So last Sunday, Josh, Noah and Caleb, along with our fathers were honored to be a part of the Ferrari Concorso event in Hartford, hosted by the Ferrari Club of America. As some of you know, Caleb has been dealing with some health issues for some time now, with 2 brain surgeries in the past year. It was so nice to hear from CCMC that Caleb had been nominated as one of their 40 patients that would be able to ride in a Ferrari around Hartford. We were all very excited to hear this news, especially Caleb. Josh has definitely passed on his love of fast, expensive cars down to the kids. This day was so much fun, such a nice break and privilege for our family, considering all that we have been through over the past year and a half. Here are a few shots that Josh got throughout the day:

Boy united with his machine: a 1984 Ferrari GTO

Face painting and balloons were a hit!

Nice to know that when, in 1984, the rest of the automotive world was putting out cars like 90 HP Corollas, that Ferrari was staying true to its racing heritage by pumping out this 700+ HP 190 MPH beast!

Caleb all tired (and thugged) out