Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New photos!

A few weeks ago Josh and I had our photos taken by our friend, and very talented photographer, Jerome Braga of Studio 1923. We were very honored when he offered to do them for us, primarily for our new website, and have been completely blown away with the results. Here are a few of our favorites. Can't wait to release our new website with the addition of the great new photos of the two of us. Thanks again Jerome!!


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Robert J. Trenske said...

Candace, you guys look amazing in these. I love the variety of places you went!! Jerome did a great job!!

Jerome said...

HOT! :-)

kristal said...

adorable and so romantic! love you guys on the train tracks

nikki nicole photography said...

hot hot hot describes the last ones! cannot wait to see the new site!

tiffney said...

wow you guys look sooooooooooo good what an attractive couple love the pictures miss you guys love, tiff

Nicole Nerbonne said...

I love the pictures! You and Josh look great in all of them!!

Studio Foto said...

Ow-chi momma! (and papa!) There are so many great shots of you guys....you must be thrilled! We can't wait to see your new site...if you need some feedback before going public, feel free to ask us : )