Monday, March 8, 2010

Jennifer and Tony - Married!

This past Friday I had the amazing privilege of photographing Jenn and Tony's highly emotional wedding day. Tears were flowing all day, tears of both happiness and sadness. As many of you know a little while back Jenn and Tony had written to us requesting to be chosen as our "Giving Back" couple of the year, and after reading their story there was no way that we could have said no. As most of you are familiar with their story, you probably know that they moved their wedding day up much sooner than originally planned to ensure that Jenn's sick mother would be able to attend. Sadly, her mother did not make it to the wedding day. But Tony and Jenn, being the strong, loving couple that they are, along with the love and support of their entire family and friends pressed on and had an amazing wedding day. Many thanks to Larissa for donating her makeup services for the day.

Here are Jenn's words about their experience working with us:
Candace you have led us on a journey. Not only have you allowed us to share our love with all those who view our photographs but you have also nurtured our artistic passions and taught Tony and I in a small way about the lens through which you view the world.

Tony and I were so excited for our engagement shoot on February 13th the day before Valentine’s Day. It was a cold overcast day although you would never know it from looking at the amazing photographs you produced. We meet up early Saturday morning at our home in Coventry, and quickly agreed upon the first location. We headed out with our two dogs Kayla and Baxter to a park down the street from our house. Your artistic eye was immediately inspiring. We noticed your talent for seeing beauty in unusual places. We moved through the park and whether we were in a field of tall grass or on train tracks you made us look and feel like movie stars.

After leaving the park and dropping our dogs off at home, we meet up again in Mystic. Mystic has always been special for us. We started off at Old Mystic Village. Tony had concocted the idea to bring his guitar and set out the case with a sign reading “Wedding Fund” as if we were trying to raise money for the wedding, as you snapped off pictures of us sitting there Tony strumming his guitar and me jokingly singing along some kind passers by actually tried to drop money in the case. From there we moved to other more remote areas of Mystic. And again you found beauty in what others may have simply passed by. You took amazing pictures composing a simple brick wall and an old dock into beautiful settings. You are absolutely amazing.

The wedding day was miraculous and I can’t wait to see all the memories you have preserved for us! The sun fought its way out after a few snow flurries and as the ladies got made into princesses and the guys got gussied up you discretely captured moments we will treasure for ever. It is difficult to describe in words the awesome feeling of warmth, love, and the presence of God, which filled St. Bridget’s church that Friday morning. Surrounded by our closest family and friends we took our vows and became husband and wife. Again at our reception held at the Manchester Country Club you found beauty and amazement in what others my have simply overlooked. An example of this is your spotting and using an old garage door and cement wall as a back drop, first pointing it out to us saying, “I love that wall!” with wide eyes and a smile. The whole time we celebrated with family and friends beginning our new life together as a married couple we could feel the love behind the camera. The only thing missing was my mother… although she could not physically be there we could feel her love holding us and shining down on us and each of our guests the entire time. Thank you Candace for showing us and the world that there ARE good people out there willing to lend their talents and give of themselves in order to GIVE BACK and bring more happiness and joy to the world! That is most certainly what you have done for both Tony and I! We will be sure to think often of your generosity and know how blessed we are. And when God presents us with an opportunity to help others as you have helped us we will use our talents and not hesitate to paying it forward honoring what you have done for us!
All our Love,
Jenn & Tony Rogers

Jenn and Tony, we wish you all the best, many years of love and happiness! Thank you so much for choosing us to be your wedding photographers!

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