Monday, March 29, 2010

Q&A time with amanda

Hi everyone! this is Amanda, the new intern at Candace Jeffery Photography, I'm excited to have my first blog post, this is something totally new to me but am so excited to be a part of such a great business. Recently, as i was flipping through Brides Magazine i came upon a Q&A section that i think had some very frequently asked questions that i think every bride could benefit from:

One that i thought was a tough question to answer was:

Should we include my sister's boyfriend in the family portraits.
As we all know that a really tough question but i think it depends on the seriousness of the boyfriend. If he feels like family, include him in the family, you never want to regret it years later that you included someone that wasn't going to last very long.

My fiance doesnt want to invite his stepmother to the wedding, because she was the reason his parents split. Can we invite his father solo?
You can NOT just invite one and not the other. Bridal magazine suggested that you put his mother in the front row at the ceremony and keep his father and step mother a few rows back, also keep them away at the reception by seating them at separate tables. That should ease up a little bit of tension.

Most of my Australian fiances relatives are not coming to the wedding, but my family is huge. How do we keep the church looking balanced?
Have your immediate family sit on your side of the church, and then while your guests are walking in; have the ushers tell them they are allowed to sit anywhere they want, but please move as far forward in the as possible.

Some of my relatives have mentioned them not coming to the ceremony but coming to the reception, I'm offended! should i tell them?
This is a really tough situation, because if you do tell them your upset, they would feel forced to go to the ceremony. They wouldnt be going to enjoy it with you, they would be going because they had no other choice. Just be happy that they are willing to spend time at the reception with you and celebrate with you.

Is it okay to skip assigned seating?
To make every guest feel more comfortable and relaxed, assigned seating is the only way to go. You would not want your guests to feel left out if they were stranded at a table with no one they knew. Even though the seating arrangements are the tricky, they are a must for a wedding to go smoothly.

Well thats its for now, every once and awhile i will try and put up some more bride FAQ's!

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